About Us

A few years ago we attempted to rent out our commercial unit in Manchester. After paying 10% of the yearly rent to an agent, we found a tenant. However, after 3 months they left and we were back at square 1 with much less capital. We didn’t want to go through the stress of that again and none of the existing solutions at the time gave us the control and flexibility we needed to be successful. So we built Myola to bridge that gap between the buyer and seller. This simple yet powerful idea allows a small mom-and-pop shop or commercial unit to be sold or let out to another party without exorbitant fees whilst ensuring transparency and flexibility.

At myola we offer services for both
Owners and buyers

For Property Owners

You have full control over your own property and are able to communicate directly with potential buyers. 

Property Reach

Large organic and paid audience reach ensures your property is viewed by the right people.

Low fees

Low cost, upfront and flexible to your needs. There are no hidden charges.

Easy Listing

Adding one or multiple properties is easy and straightforward. Custom CRM to manage leads.

For Property Buyers

With a large variety of commercial property Myola allows you to easily and simply search to find what you are looking for.

Near Search

Powerful search categories empowers you to find the property you want.

Verified Listings

Listing are verified so you know the property details are accurate.

Info Rich

Information dense listings allow buyers to make data driven decisions.


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